The story of Sears think[box] is best told by the stakeholders who use our space. Hear from some of the students, faculty, community members, entrepreneurs, innovators and beyond who have turned to Case Western Reserve University’s makerspace to iterate prototypes, connect with business support, or simply have fun. 

Jason Kuster

“Sears think[box] empowered my creativity as a student. It’s a place that rewards curiosity and removes barriers to innovation.”

– Jason Kuster, CWR '15, senior software engineer at Google

Kiju Lee

“Sears think[box] supports my robotics laboratory at every step, from prototyping and fabrication to photos for our research papers.” 

– Kiju Lee, PhD, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering

Anna Sedláčková

“Because of the awesome community here, I was able to grow my passion for building robots and landed an incredible internship at Apple.”

– Anna Sedláčková, CWR '20, GRS '20, computing and information science

Punkaj Ahuja

“With think[box] equipment, community, and funding, our startup was able to quickly iterate on our medical diagnostic device.”

– Punkaj Ahuja, CWR '09, GRS '11, VP of product development for Mercury Biomed

Chris Wentz

“LaunchNet and think[box] were instrumental in helping us start Everykey...we wouldn’t have gotten to market without them!”

– Chris Wentz, CWR '13, founder of Everykey