Heat Press

Heat Press Machine

Heat transfer designs onto flat objects made with cotton, polyester, leather, and more.

Our 16x20" Heat Press lets you do this with accuracy, ease, and precision. You can bring a ready-made heat transfer design, use our vinyl cutter to cut your own heat transfer material or purchase heat transfer vinyl from think[box] for all of your heat transfer needs. 

How to Start

Prepare a design using your preferred 2D design software.

  1. Use 2D design software for vinyl cutting.
  2. Mirror your design. Heat transfer reverses designs upon transfer. 

Pre-heat the Heat Press to your heat transfer material's recommended settings. Our vinyl recommends 305 F. 

Pre-heat before cutting your vinyl, as it takes 10-20 mins to warm up. 

The machine will say "LO" while pre-heating and will beep when at temperature. 

For step-by-step instructions with photos, see our Heat Transfer Tutorial

Cut your design on the vinyl cutter.

  1. We sell Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) or you can bring your own. More information about this is in the Materials and Supplies section.
  2. Be sure to cut on the correct side! Ask a technician for guidance. 

Weed, or remove the excess vinyl that you do not wish to transfer. 

Once the heat press is at temperature, you can transfer your design onto your garment. 

Preheat your fabric by pressing it in the heat press for the best results. 

Check the machine pressure and fabric placement when pre-heating. 

Place your design on your fabric with the clear plastic sheet facing up. 

Cover the fabric and heat transfer material with the brown protective sheet. 

Close and lock the handle down until the machine sounds the timer alarm. 


Follow our in-depth Heat Transfer Tutorial or our Heat Transfer One Sheet.

thinkbox users using the heat press

Materials and Supplies

Heat Transfer Vinyl is available in black and white, as well as a variety of colors for purchase at think[box]. When you are done cutting your design, bring what you used to the Prototyping front desk where you will be charged based on the amount of material you used. 

You can also bring in your own as long as it is compatible with our machine. Not sure? Ask one of our Student Technicians in a green apron, or contact us

Technical Information

Heat Press Information

Model: HPN Signature PRO 16" x 20" Swing Away Heat Press with SurePressure Heat Press Style: Swing Away
Heat Press Base Dimensions: 28" x 16" x 27" (D x W x H in open position)
Heating Element Dimensions: 15.77" x 19.72"
Gauge Temperature Reading: ºF or ºC
Maximum Temperature: 400º F
Time Range: 0-999 Seconds

Vinyl Cutter Information

Model:  Roland GX-24
Maximum Cutting Area: 22.9 x 984 inches (0.58 x 25 meters)
Maximum Media Width: 27.5 inches (69.9 centimeters)
Minimum Media Width: 2 inches (5.1 centimeters)
Cutting Speed: 4 - 20 inches per second (10 - 51 centimeters per second)
Blade Force: 30 - 250 grams of force

HTV Information

Brand:  Siser EASYWEED Heat Transfer Vinyl 
Maximum Cutting Area: 10x12"
Maximum Media Width: 12x15"
Heat Press Settings: 305°F/150°C, 15 seconds
Cutting Speed: Normal
Blade Force: 110