MIG Welder

MIG Welder

The continuous feed of the MIG welder at Sears think[box] allows you to weld metal pieces together faster. For more precise welds, consider using our TIG welder.

How to Start 

  1. Bring your material and drawings of your project to Floor 4 of Sears think[box].
  2. Speak with Sears think[box] staff and they will help you get set up, instruct you on safe operation of the equipment, and supervise.
  3.  We provide welding PPE, but it is important to note that in addition to welding helmets, your head must be covered in a bandana or cap made out of natural materials to protect your hair and skin from sparks. We provide a small number of communal caps, but some prefer to bring their own. 

Materials and Supplies 

The MIG welder can be used on a variety of materials depending on the consumable. We provide SuperArc L-56 0.035" Diameter Mild Steel, Copper Coated Wire. Review the specifications for our wire or speak with think[box] staff for more information.

Lincoln Electric Power MIG 350MP

  • Welding Current Range: 5 – 350 Amps
  • Welding Voltage Range: 10 – 45 Volts
  • Wire Speed Range: 50 – 700 IPM
  • Shielding Gas: 75% Argon, 25% CO2