Safety Policies

With seven stories of equipment and tools from which to choose, Sears think[box] has a lot to offer—but, without proper training, visitors could be at risk if attempting to use certain machines. Please be aware of our policies relating to access and safety at our facility. 

Ability Badges 

Ability badges must be worn in order to access Floor 4, the Lubrizol Foundation and Kent H. Smith and Kelvin Smith Fabrication Floor. Badge training sessions are available on request on this floor and take about 10 minutes to complete. The training covers instruction on proper apparel and machine shop policy, a machine shop access agreement, and a brief tour of the facility. 

Safety Measures 

To ensure your safety when you visit Sears think[box], please be aware of the following measures.

Shop Dress Code

Proper apparel instructions are posted throughout the facility to ensure safety in machine shop environments. Individuals must leave and return in proper apparel if a member of the think[box] staff states their apparel is incompliant. 

Safety Data Sheets

At Sears think[box], we believe you have a right to know about the safety of the materials you use when operating different equipment. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) information is kept on a publicly accessible database with links posted throughout the building.