Router Table


Use this router to hollow out or shape the edge profile of wood or plastic parts.

How to Start 

  1. Bring your material and drawings of your project to Floor 4 of Sears think[box].
  2. Speak with a member of the Sears think[box] staff and they will help you get set up, instruct you on safe operation of the equipment, and supervise. 

Materials and Supplies 

Routers may be used on wood and some plastic. Several wood supplies are offered for purchase at think[box], explore what's available.

We provide a variety of router bits for different purposes. Please speak with Sears think[box] staff for additional information.

Woodpeckers PRP4 Router Table Technical Information

  • Thumb Wheel for Micro-Adjustments.
  • Quick Lift Mechanism.
  • Self-Squaring Feed Fence.