Structured Light 3D Scanner

An Artec Leo 3D Scanner on a white background.

Looking to scan a specific part, an entire machine, a piece of furniture or even the human body? At Sears think[box], our wireless handheld structured light scanner can scan a wide range of objects with texture maps.

How to Start

  1. Follow our tutorial on Scanning a Part with the Artec Leo Scanner.
  2. Use Artec Studio 16 software to process the Leo Scanner data, clean up, and export your completed model.

Artec Leo Scanner Technical Information

  • Volume capture zone: 160,000 centimeters³
  • 3D reconstruction rate: Up to 80 frames per second
  • 3D resolution: Up to 0.2 millimeters
  • 3D point accuracy: Up to 0.1 millimeters
  • Color resolution: 2.3 megapixels