Vacuum Former

Vacuum Former

Thermoform plastic parts, molds, and packaging with the vacuum former at Sears think[box].

How to Start 

  1. Bring your material and drawings of your project to Floor 4 of Sears think[box].
  2. Speak with a member of the Sears think[box] staff and they will help you prepare your files, get set up, instruct you on safe operation of the equipment, and supervise.

Materials and Supplies 

This vacuum former can be used with a variety of formable plastics including styrene, acrylic, PET-G, PVC, ABS, polyethylene, and vinyl.

Technical Information

  • Maximum Formable Material Thickness: 0.25 inches.
  • Formable Material Sheet Dimensions: 21.25 inches by 30.25 inches.
  • Heating Power: 1500 Watts.