CWRU/CIA Courses

Two students working on a project at the think[box]

CWRU and CIA instructors can bring a course to Sears think[box]. Learn more about what's available. 

Booking Class Tours

The easiest way to schedule a tour for up to 20 individuals at a time is through our website here. If your class hours do not show any available tours or you would like to coordinate a tour for a larger group, please contact us at

Setting Up Class Accounts

Many of think[box]’s resources, including machine use and staff consultation, are available free of charge to any user. We do, however, charge for the use of certain materials in our space. If a budget exists for a class’s students to purchase materials at think[box], the instructor may set up a class account. To request creation of a class account, please fill out this form.

To use a class account, you must provide the account number to your students. When they are checking out materials, they must inform us that they would like to pay with an Account and provide the account number.

Using Spaces During "Class Hours"

While think[box] is generally open 12p - 7p, CWRU/CIA instructors may request to use the space on weekdays during “Class Hours,” 9a - 12p and 7p - 9p. Reservable spaces include:

  • Floor 2 Presentation Area
    • Capacity: 25
    • Features: Projector, tables, and chairs
  • Floor 3 Prototyping (only available weekdays 9 - 12am)
  • Floor 4 Fabrication (only available weekdays 9 - 12am, requires staff present)
  • Floor 5 RDS Computer Lab
    • Capacity: 20
    • Features: Projector, computer workstations

To request use of think[box] for a class, please fill out this form and we will get back to you within 5 business days.