Soldering Iron

Soldering Iron

Assemble functional circuits quickly with the soldering irons at Sears think[box]. The heated tip on each iron melts solder to form electrical connections. For projects of this nature, you bring the electronics and we provide the soldering iron, solder, and other materials. 

How to Start 

  1. Bring your electronics to Floor 3 of Sears think[box].
  2. Once here, tell a member of our think[box] staff what you need for your project and we will help you use the soldering iron.

Materials and Supplies 

Our soldering irons are available for use with electronics only. Please speak with a member of the Sears think[box] staff about alternatives before using these soldering irons on plastic, wood, or other materials.

We provide limited amounts of these consumables free of charge:

  • Wire: 12, 16, and 22 AWG in a variety of colors.
  • Solder: 0.015 inch and 0.031 inch.
  • Solder wick: 0.03 inch and 0.1 inch.

A range of additional electronics tools and supplies are offered for purchase at think[box], explore what's available.

Metcal MFR-1100 Soldering Iron Technical Information

  • Materials: Electronic solder only
  • Temperature: 300 °C
  • Power: 80 Watts