Other Equipment

Are you interested in sewing and embroidery? Creating a virtual reality environment? Designing an electric circuit? As a fully equipped makerspace and innovation center, Sears think[box] is proud to offer a variety of miscellaneous tools to support whatever your project may need.

A button maker

Button Maker

Create buttons from printed custom graphic designs.



Quickly and easily take photographs of small or detailed objects.

Tajima Embroidery Machine

Embroidery Machine

Create a unique embroidery design on a range of fabrics using some of our 96 colors of thread.

16x20" Heat Press

Heat Press

Heat transfer designs onto flat objects made with cotton, polyester, leather, and more. Our 16x20" Heat Press lets you do this with…

3D Scan Arm

Laser 3D Scanner

Create a digital model of your physical object for measurement or duplication.



Examine small objects and solder electronics with full view of your work.

Paint Room

Paint Room

Spray a coating of paint on a device or pursue something more artistic in this space.

A Canon Camera

Photography Studio

Take professional quality photographs using a variety of cameras, lenses and flashes.

Janome sewing machine

Sewing Machine

Create clothing or pieces of fabric specific to larger projects using nearly 200 colors of thread.

A computer with the Adobe, Corel, LinkedIn Learning, Autodesk and Solidworks logos


Learn something new using the training materials and software resources at think[box].

An Artec Leo 3D Scanner on a white background.

Structured Light 3D Scanner

This wireless handheld 3D scanner uses structured light to scan a wide range of objects with texture maps.

Hand tools that you can rent

Tool Loans

Work on your project from the comfort of home by borrowing one of our tools available for loan.

A vacuum chamber

Vacuum Chamber

Achieve a low-pressure environment needed to remove air or other gases from your project.

Vacuum Former

Vacuum Former

Thermoform plastic parts, molds, and packaging for your project.

Roland Vinyl Cutter

Vinyl Cutter

Cut designs into vinyl that is matte or glossy, regardless of thickness or color.