MS/HS Programs

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Programming Notice

Please note, our programming capacity has been reduced while we hire new staff.

If you would like to bring a group or class to think[box] to participate in a program, please submit our Activity Form.

Individuals may register for any of our events.

Looking to inspire innovation or an entrepreneurial spirit among middle school or high school students? So are we. Whether you’re interested in focusing on the design process, writing code, prototyping or another focus, our events can be customized to your students’ needs.

Here are a list of programs we offer for groups and classes.

Individuals may register for any of our events.

At Sears think[box], we believe it’s important for students to understand the “design process,” the approach for breaking down a large project into manageable chunks. Architects, engineers, scientists and other thinkers use design processes to solve a variety of problems. In this workshop, we’ll walk students through how to define the steps needed to tackle a project while applying the steps of human-centered design thinking. 

Specifically, students will define a problem, learn to empathize with their stakeholders, and identify their own needs through interviewing and shadowing, ideation, and prototyping and testing, all while holding on to their ideas and sketches throughout the process. At the end of the workshop, the Sears think[box] team will walk the group through an idea critique and iteration. 

In our Creative Coding workshop, students learn how to code microcontrollers to work with sensors and other data sources. Specifically, we delve into how to use simple sensors and advanced interfaces in our software makerspace. 

Looking for an activity that’s more hands-on? At Sears think[box], we can introduce students to the 3D printing and laser cutting skills useful for developing a functional prototype. 

3D Printing Workshop

Students will learn how to design a 3D model and prepare the model for printing, ultimately printing their own designs with our desktop 3D printers. For this workshop, designs are limited to 1 cubic inch per student. 

Laser Cutting Workshop

Students will learn how to design their own vector files and cut original designs from plywood. For this workshop, designs are limited to 4x4 inches per student.