Since opening in 2012, Sears think[box] has made an undeniable impact on the campus of Case Western Reserve University, in Northeast Ohio and beyond.

3D printed concussion technology
Featured Projects

From biologically inspired robots to potentially life-saving devices, our impact is far-reaching. Sears think[box] is used daily for academic design and build projects, experimental setups and devices for research projects, prototypes for startup companies, as well as extracurricular projects and personal pursuits.


Whether it’s a student making a breakthrough on a class project, a community member iterating the first prototype for their new business idea, or a multidisciplinary team collaborating to win an innovation competition, there’s no shortage of excitement to be found in Sears think[box]. Hear from some of the stakeholders who have used our facility to make their ideas a reality.

By the Numbers

With seven floors of resources, $37 million raised (and counting) by entrepreneurs who use our makerspace, and over $2 million in equipment throughout our facility, there’s a reason Sears think[box] is the #1 cited facility by university researchers and a destination for 70,000 visitors per year.

The exterior of the think[box] building
In the News

At Sears think[box], our mission is to advance innovation and spur entrepreneurship in a way that makes a lasting impact.