Signing In

Student working with a router at the think[box]

Introducing think[box] IDs

We have begun to introduce our think[box] ID program. A think[box] ID is like a library card for think[box] resources.

When you sign in at think[box] you will have the opportunity to register for a think[box] ID. For now, registration is optional and we will continue to offer our current sign-in policy.

Once we've gathered feedback and improved the registration process, we will make the switch to requiring registration as shown below. Please send questions to

Sears think[box] is a public-access facility which means we welcome everyone to create, innovate, and explore.

If you want to use think[box] resources (as opposed to taking a tour) we’ll have you sign in at our welcome desk.

Signing In

If you don’t have a campus ID Card, we’ll have you register for a think[box] ID card. A think[box] ID card is like a library card. You’ll scan your card at our welcome desk to sign in.

If you do have a campus ID card, you may sign in by swiping your card at our welcome desk. Affiliate organizations, such as the Cleveland Institute of Art and University Hospitals, issue compatible ID cards.

Registering for a think[box] ID

There are two steps to registering for a think[box] ID. You will only need to register once.

First, you’ll fill out our Registration Form. We recommend you do this before you come to think[box]. Otherwise, we will have you fill it out at our welcome desk. When you submit the form you will receive a confirmation number by text and/or email.

If you are a parent or guardian bringing a minor to think[box], you’ll also fill out a Minor Registration Form on their behalf. Please see our K-12 policies for more information.

Second, when you come to think[box] we'll complete your registration by doing three things:

  1. Ask for your confirmation number.
  2. Take your picture.
  3. Scan your photo ID (driver's license, passport, school/military ID, etc).

Once you have a think[box] ID card you will scan it at our welcome desk to sign in each time you visit.

At our welcome desk we can look you up by your name, phone number, or email and sign you in that way. We can also issue you a new card, if needed.

We associate your picture with your ID in our system so we can see your face when you sign in. Your picture will not be on your ID.

We confirm the identity of everyone who uses think[box]. Students, staff, and faculty are already known by the university. We scan photo IDs to confirm the identity of community members.