We offer a variety of partnerships to strengthen our commitment to diversity and inclusion across the Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Opportunities are available for our law students to increase their skills as well as to give back and encourage young Cleveland-area students to pursue a legal career.

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Diversity and Inclusion Commitment to Collective Action

CMBA is committed to promote diversity and inclusion within the legal profession, justice system and in the community. Our law school continues to work with CMBA and the Cleveland legal community to create a new written five-year collective plan to increase diversity in the legal community.

Supreme Court of Ohio Law & Leadership Summer Institute

This four-year academic program is an Ohio initiative that prepares high school students, primarily from urban public schools, for post-secondary and career success. The program combines law, leadership, analytical thinking, problem solving, writing and professionalism.

Students participate throughout the year in moot court activities. During the summer students attend a four-week, full day intensive academic summer program. Tenth grade students complete a one-week internship at a Cleveland law firm.

Louis Stokes Scholars Program

College students interested in legal careers participate in paid, eight-week summer legal internships at Cleveland law firms, courts, and legal nonprofits. Scholars are assigned mentors who are judges and lawyers, and they participate in networking activities, including field trips, seminars in public speaking and writing and educational programs with legal community leaders.

IL Clerkship Program

First-year law students work as summer associates in a local law firm, corporate legal department, or public-sector position. The program is sponsored by the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association.

3 Rs Project

The 3Rs is a program of the Cleveland Municipal School District and the Cleveland Bar Association to connect high school students with the Cleveland legal community to address fundamental issues facing Cleveland and Northeast Ohio students.

Using a real-world curriculum focused on the U.S. Constitution, the 3Rs program sends local attorneys into 10th grade social studies classes to work with students to improve passage of the Ohio Graduation Test and understanding of and respect for the rule of the law and our Constitution. They also provide practical career counseling to focus students on their potential beyond high school with the goal of increasing the number of minorities flowing into legal careers in the region.

Judicial Externship

Minority law students have the opportunity to work as paid judicial externs during the summer immediately following the successful culmination of their second year. The program is sponsored by the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association.