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LLEAP Writing Awards

The LLEAP Writing Awards recognize students for excellent writing. The students who write the paper selected as the top paper of the school year in LLEAP 2, LLEAP 3-Litigation, and LLEAP 3-Transactions will each receive a cash prize and be recognized at an award ceremony. Panels of practitioners and judges select the winning papers from submissions chosen by the LLEAP professors.

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants are second- and third-year law students who work with LLEAP students under the supervision of the LLEAP faculty. Teaching Assistants assist the LLEAP faculty with research and drafting the problems that students work on in the LLEAP courses. They also meet with students in one-on-one conferences to provide feedback on research and writing assignments, act as clients in simulation exercises, and provide other assistance to the LLEAP faculty.

"Working as a LLEAP TA has allowed me to share my passion for legal writing and litigation with fellow law students. Whether I'm helping a student draft a brief, acting as a deposition witness, or preparing fictitious case materials, I'm exploring the world of trial advocacy from a whole new angle—and improving my own skills in the process."

~Matthew Borcas, CWRU School of Law JD Class of 2023


Each LLEAP section is taught by a full-time professor. During the semester, students engage in simulation modules taught by adjunct professors. During the simulations, students engage in lawyering skills such as interviewing and counseling clients, taking a deposition, mediating a discovery dispute, engaging in a final pretrial conference, or negotiate objections to the sale of a business. Adjunct professors are practicing attorneys and come from a variety of backgrounds: private firms, government offices, and corporations. 

Law Student Writing Competitions

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Writing Center 

Writing center tutors are available to help students at any stage of a project, including writing projects for LLEAP, papers for upper-level courses and notes.

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