Faculty Development Programs

group of professionals meeting at a table

The office of Faculty Development offers numerous development programs open to faculty across all 5 campuses, with the goal of professional and personal growth. Through these different programs, faculty set personal and professional goals while learning the skills needed to achieve them. These programs also provide faculty the opportunity to build a cohort of colleagues within the School of Medicine.

The office of Faculty Development is committed to the continued learning, achievement, and promotion of our faculty. Some of our Faculty Development Programs include:

  • The Faculty Toolkit Series
    • A monthly, hour long, informational series for all faculty discussing a wide array of topics
    • Offered to all full time junior faculty (i.e., instructors, senior instructors and assistant professors)
  • FLEX
    • A year-long experiential professional development program for women who are emerging or current leaders.
    • A professional development program for mid to late career SOM faculty
  • Steps to Success
    • Open to all Basic Science Faculty, these lunch and learn sessions were designed based off of the recommendations from department chairs and what information they feel their faculty need. 
  • To Tenure and Beyond:
    • Open to all CWRU second-year tenure track faculty, a program discussing Self-Advocacy, Time Management, Work Life Integration, and more. 
  • Asian Faculty Association Leadership Program:
    • Open to all CWRU Asian Faculty. Includes discussions where members can address professional development issues from the unique perspective of the Asian population.
  • On Demand Faculty Development Lessons
    • Available to all CWRU Faculty. 

Our office also provides personalized individual coaching sessions with Board Certified Coaches to work through the nuances of a situation or challenge. The coach is trained to elicit constructive insights that will help the individual move forward and maximize his or her professional performance. To learn more about individualized coaching, please click here, or contact the director of Faculty Development, Susan Freimark, at sbf@case.edu.