Living Off Campus for 2022-2023

If you are considering moving off-campus, please make yourself familiar with the financial aid implications of your decision, and consult the Office of Financial Aid if you have questions.  Living off-campus may change your eligibility for financial aid.  A student's financial aid eligibility is determined in part by their cost of attendance (tuition, fees, living expenses, books and personal expenses).  For those students who commute from home or live off-campus (not with family), the university uses a smaller cost of attendance to award need-based grant than those living on-campus.  If you have questions about your financial aid eligibility, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

If you have carefully considered your options and chosen an off-campus residence, then please do not participate in the on-campus Room Selection process. If at a later date you wish to live on-campus, you may submit a housing application then, however, your ability to live on campus will depend on the amount of available space and the number of other applicants at that time.