Living Off Campus for 2024-2025

As an upper-class student, you are no longer required to live on campus.  For those who decide to live off campus for the 2024-2025 academic year, we have resources available to assist you as you begin looking for an off-campus apartment.

You may utilize our Off-Campus Housing Website to view listings posted by landlords, property owners, and apartment complexes.  You will work directly with the individual(s) who post the listing.

If you need guidance or more resources as you search for an off campus apartment, please reach out to Nikki Vallot, the Off-Campus Housing Coordinator.  Nikki can be reached at or 216-368-1099.

Financial Aid Considerations

If you are considering moving off-campus, please make yourself familiar with the financial aid implications of your decision, and consult the Office of Financial Aid if you have questions.  Living off-campus may change your eligibility for financial aid.  A student's financial aid eligibility is determined in part by their cost of attendance (tuition, fees, living expenses, books and personal expenses).  For those students who commute from home or live off-campus (not with family), the university uses a smaller cost of attendance to award need-based grant than those living on-campus.  If you have questions about your financial aid eligibility, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

If you have carefully considered your options and chosen an off-campus residence, then please do not participate in the on-campus Room Selection process. If at a later date you wish to live on-campus, you may submit a housing application then, however, your ability to live on campus will depend on the amount of available space and the number of other applicants at that time.